Version 11

    The upgrade has gone very well, but there are always a few issues and this one was no exception. We'll post those that we're aware of here and keep you posted on when they'll get resolved.


    Please post any new ones you find in the usual Feedback and Support area, so we can get them resolved quickly!


    Issue DescriptionStatus
    ** Caching problem for guest users when trying to change their language - get an error, and then subsequent users to the site see the site in the language of whoever LAST tried to change it (quel problème...das ist ein absolutes potrebbe desiderare di avere quel fisso)Resolved - Fix deployed on Sept 27th
    Points are not showing at the top of member profiles. You can view your points by clicking on More > Reputation.

    Work around deployed

    Fix due in Nov release

    When trying to create a blog post from the home page or inbox, using the place picker shows most places as denied. (Works for other content - impacts blogs only)Resolved - Fix deployed Tues Oct 3
    Icons after usernames names have a large gap (and it's annoying!)Resolved - Fix deployed Tues Oct 3
    Attempting to update your Status via the Profile page isn't working (Profile > Content > Status). You can update your status from the Create menu.In Progress (fix not yet available)
    Reset Password instructions cutoff in some browsers (Microsoft!! )In Progress (fix not yet available)
    Images within existing content are displaying inverted colorsIn Progress (fix not yet available)
    In the inbox view, blog comments appear out of order and with a wrong date and timeResolved - Fix deployed in Oct 24th release
    Images sometimes cutting off / not fully displayingResolved - Fix deployed in Oct 24th release


    This is by no means a definitive list of every open issue on the site. It is only the list of issues we were made aware of immediately after the upgrade. If you find other issues, please report them via the usual Feedback and Support method and we will continue to triage, resolve, and respond to them individually there going forward.



    element14 Dev Team