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    I recently wrote about how Texas Instruments in conjunction with author Bob Mammano (“the Father” of the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller) recently released a Power supply Design book. This is an update to that post. The news is that TI wants to give the element14 community a taste of the book by giving away 5 hardcover, brand new, 331-page books.


    I've paged through the book and read a few chapters and found it both informative and delight for anyone who is interested in power supply design or even has an interest in this important area of electronics.


    This is far from a big, boring textbook that all of us have dragged around campus when we were in college. It uses simple, direct language to communicate complex topics. Here's a clip: "In its most basic form, switching technology requires a switching system to break a constant source of power intro controllable increments of energy, followed by a filtering system to reconstitute the increments back into a steady source of usable output power." (Chapter 4.1)


    The book wasn't put together quickly. Rather, it is based upon three decades of Power Supply Design seminars. These seminars were a important source of education for generations of power supply engineers. What makes this book unique from a college textbook on power supplies is that has time-tested information presented as tutorials.


    The table of contents shows how practical and comprehensive this book really is. Chapter topics include


    • Voltage Regulation
    • Power Supply Components
    • Switching Power Technologies
    • Switching Control Algorithms
    • Closing the Feedback Loop
    • Designing Magnetic Components
    • Ancillary Power Circuits
    • Dealing with Electromagnetic Noise
    • Fault Management
    • The Quest for Higher Efficiency
    • Digital Power Control Power Supply Construction


    The book has a lot of supporting illustrations to support the text. The illustrations are multi-colored to make comprehension easier. Ever so often, the author inserts of technology trivia to give you a break from the expansive information covered in the book. Did you know that William Gilbert identified the magnetic properties of the Earth in 1600? (Chapter 7)


    This book does not simply pass information on power supply design; rather, gives you the context and the meaning of the information that only someone with 30+ years of power supply design would have. I urge you to get this book. Read it and relish it.


    I have 5 books to giveaway to element14 community members. Here's how you can get a chance to win one:


    Write a blog on the topic of TI power supply design and post it in the Texas Instruments Group (where this document I am writing resides.)


    Here are some suggestions of potential blog topics:


    • Choose a TI power supply product and tell use why you chose it for your design.
    • Tell us why you should win this book
    • How has TI helped you learn more about power supplies
    • What power supply design resources are you most interested in obtaining from TI


    We will review the blogs and chose the 5 top bloggers as winners and ship you the book!  The deadline for blogs is November 13th


    The giveaway terms and conditions are attached.