Version 1

    I happened to read an article that started off with the following question:


    Can you find the standard 1% resistor values for a voltage divider that comes closest to a divider ratio of VOUT/VIN = .3278, with less than 0.01% error?


    Okay, let me think about that, I said to myself. Hmm...Got to be an easier way.


    There is with the Analog Engineer's Calculator. It has many of the simple calculations you need to answer the above question. (Answer: 324Ω and 158Ω, with 0.00025% error)


    The calculator is especially useful when designing sensor signal-conditioning and data-acquisition systems to monitor voltage, current and temperature. The built-in calculators for amplifiers, data converters and temperature sensors make the task easier and faster.


    Need to design an input drive circuit for a successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter (SAR ADC)? Use the ADC SAR drive calculator to design the circuit.


    As the figure on the right shows, simply select the input type (single ended, differential, etc.); enter the ADC resolution, sampling cap value, full-scale input range and acquisition time; and click OK to see the associated resistor-capacitor circuit values, as well as other parameters.


    To learn more about the Analog Engineer's Calculator, go here