Version 2

    Honeywell is pleased to introduce the new Aerospace Proximity Sensor Platform, the IHM Series. These configurable, non-contact devices are designed to sense the presence or absence of a target in harsh-duty aircraft applications, such as the thrust reverser actuation system, cargo loading latch, doors, flight controls and landing gear. The IHM Series provides on/off output, and can be configured with an optional health monitoring output to the host system. The technology Honeywell uses in the IHM Series is considered an improvement on traditional Eddy Current Killed Oscillator (ECKO) topology that previously had been the standard in aerospace applications.


    About Aerospace Proximity Sensors

    Honeywell’s IHM Series is part of a comprehensive line of aerospace sensors, switches, and value-added solutions. The IHM Series helps to reduce downtime and maintenance costs due to a unique circuit that can detect any internal failures and display a fault output instead of a false positive or false negative.


    • Diagnostic capability: Integral Health Monitoring: sinks 9 mA ±1 mA or
    • Fire detection/integrity: Explosion proof RTCA/DO-160G Section 9, Cat E&H
    • Operational shock: RTCA/DO-160G Section 7, Cat B
    • Crash safety: RTCA/DO-160G Section 7, Cat B
    • Radio frequency emission: RTCA/DO-160G Section 21, Cat M
    • Lightning induced transient susceptibility: RTCA/DO-160G Section 22, Cat B3K3L3



    • Platform Approach
    • Ease of Integration
    • Enhanced Reliability
    • Supplier Stability
    • Global Engineering and Application Expertise

    Potential Applications

    Aerospace and Defense

    • Flight Controls (PFC/SFC)
    • Engines (mechanisms/valves)
    • Nose wheel steering
    • Pilot Controls
    • Thrust Reverser Actuation System (TRAS)