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    Cook, Bake or Brew with the Raspberry Pi.


    Integrate the low-cost Raspberry Pi into your project for the chance to win a prize package worth up to $1800.


    The Pi Chef Design Challenge will choose 15 sponsored challengers to receive a Challenger Kit for FREE.


    The Raspberry Pi Foundation, in collaboration with element14, would like to introduce the Pi Chef Design Challenge

    The 15 sponsored challengers will use the Raspberry Pi as the main ingredient to improve and expand their creativity in the kitchen.  These projects should show how the Raspberry Pi can be used to improve the world of food, kitchen safety, brewing, baking and food preparation.


    Example applications could include:

    • Kitchen scales that have a recipe on screen, it monitors your quantities and guides you through the cooking process

    • Upgrade your fridge so that it keeps track of your food levels

    • Build your own Sous Vide Machine by sampling temperatures and controlling heat with a web app

    • Automatic cocktail machine

    • Interactive cook book

    • A way to track food that is removed from the fridge, so you get an alert when you are running low.

    • Menu suggestions based on what you have in your fridge

    • A more automated way to track calories/nutrition.

    • Automatic beer brewing bot

    • Fridge-to-sofa IoT beer delivery system


    The Pi Chef Challenge will have 15 sponsored Challengers who will each receive the Kit for free.


    But anyone can join the Challenge as a non-sponsored Challenger.


    Here's how: Simply get the low-cost Raspberry Pi 3Raspberry Pi 3 Raspberry Pi 3Raspberry Pi 3 and integrate them into your project, as well as post 10 blogs about your design journey in the Pi Chef space (tagging your blogs 'Pi Chef').


    What are Design Challenges?

    Design Challenges are 11-week-long build challenges where applicants submit a project idea to a panel of judges. The best 15 are sent the official challengers build kit and spend the next 11 weeks building and blogging about it on the element14 community. After the 11 weeks are over, the judges choose which projects and blogs deserve the prizes and glory that comes with being a Design Challenge winner. Every challenge has a theme and a kit partner, and we run a Raspberry Pi themed Design Challenge once per year.


    The deadline for project submissions has been extended until 1st January 2018.


    All Challengers must build their projects in accordance with the Challenge's Terms and Conditions. All projects must include the New Raspberry Pi 3 with bluetooth & WiFiRaspberry Pi 3 with bluetooth & WiFi Raspberry Pi 3 with bluetooth & WiFiRaspberry Pi 3 with bluetooth & WiFi | Farnell element14 UK.