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    As this spooky season draws to a close so does our #ShareTheScare competitions,

    Community members were asked to #ShareTheScare this Halloween to win one of two Cel Robox 3D Printers*.

    * Cel Robox Refurbished.



    For a chance to win they were to:


    Before we tell you who won the 3D printers, here is a rundown of our favorite projects this Halloween.


    Floating Halloween Ghosts

    These spooky, moving specters were created using a Arduino Uno (Arduino Projects) with the addition of an Adafruit V1 Motor Shield, as well as a couple of microswitches as limit switches and an assortment of pulleys, nylon spacers, perforated aluminum plates & arms and "bunch o' fasteners from the hardware store"


    By dasmann


    Arduino Pumpkin light show

    A controllable light show for your Jack-o-Lanterns using the ever popular Arduino  Uno (Arduino Projects), 16.4ft WS2812B Waterproof LED Strip, and a classic pumpkin.


    By Catwell


    Zombie Pi - The Movie

    Using a Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi Projects) , Raspberry Pi Camera, PIR sensor and the all important skull prop to automatically film trick-or-treaters getting the fright of their lives!


    By ninjatrent


    Pi Zero Iron Man Mark II

    Tony Stark may be a rock star of engineers but this fun to replicate Iron Man helmet truly rocks! Using a PIR sensor, Raspberry Pi  (Raspberry Pi Projects), RGB LEDs, Lasers and a microphone voice changer to bring this costume into the age of micro controllers. Read More...

    Another by ninjatrent


    Halloween Of Things

    Using a webcam, a set of speakers, Python and the Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi Projects) to create a jump scare clown face that checks the webcam for motion, then lets rip a horrible cackle. Read More...

    By  rsc


    LadyBug Girl and Rocket Boy

    Using a custom PCB in a fetching OHS Purple with a Texas Instruments MSP430G2553, Fans, BoosterPacks, and a very clever handheld IR transmitter to control Rocket Boy and Ladybug Girl superhero costumes.  Read More...

    By Granddad AKA fmilburn


    A Flying Purple People Eater

    Never have we seen a beast as cute and feared as the Flying Purple People Eater! This Barney the Dinosaur colored monstrosity is the calumniation of a re-purposed project, a purple unicorn horn, Cypress Psoc 4, two LCD Eyes, one MP3 playing mouth, some servos and a fluffy engineer. Interested? Read More..

    By dougw


    Hunting Ghosts with Raspberry Pi and Google AI

    The DeepWhisper Project  pipes a real-time microphone stream to Google’s Speech Neural Network, which can detect over 110 languages and then we’llimmediately display the results as they come back. This project was not entered into the #ShareTheScare competition but is very worth a read!



    #ShareTheScare Project

    Competition Winner

    #ShareTheScare Social Media

    Competition Winner

    Winner: Zack Lewis, with their Morty Torture Pants Halloween Costume.


    Rick & Morty Evil Underwear Costume


    A moving, wearable, evil, torture device costume, referencing Adult Swim's Rick & Morty made with an Arduino Uno (Arduino Projects), 3D Printing, Papier-mâché (sorry we don't have a subspace for this, yet) and PVC Foam. The build quality, use of different materials and electronics really helped us choose this as our winning project.   Zack will be receiving a  Read More...

    By zackaholic

    Winner: Robin Cornelius, UK (@robincornelius) with their Exploding £200 diode.


    Both these People will win the Robox 3D Printers as described in the T&C below

    ShareTheScare 2017 Community Competition

    #ShareTheScare...We Want Your Engineering Nightmare Stories!