Version 1

    I always love building things as inexpensively as possible. That could tell you something about how often I shop at the dollar store. We've been looking at simple builds that could be done over the holiday break, so last night I visited my local Dollar Tree to see what parts I could find for projects.

    Here's what I came up with:

    • Empty plastic ornaments that can be filled with electronic goodness.
    • a bobbly headband and two wands that light up when struck (Guess what my plan is for those.)
    • An electric toothbrush out of which I can salvage a vibrating motor
    • A set of lights that give me a good 2AA enclosed battery pack with switch.
    • A bubble wand that I want to put into a gun with a fan to make an automated bubble blower with trigger.


    • a stylus/pen/laser pointer/flashlight.


    Also not pictured is metal flashlight that has a pretty hefty button switch in the end. I should be able to repurpose the switch and the barrel.

    Overall a pretty good haul. I'm always excited at what new exciting things that can be found for cheap at the dollar store. It's one of my favorite sources for project parts and supplies. They have cheap batteries too!


    I have some very specific plans for some of these supplies, but others, I just thought would be good parts to have on hand.

    What would you make with these dollar store finds?


    I'll leave you with my favorite item I found last night. A Justin Bieber musical toothbrush. Complete with 2 two minute songs, one for morning, one for night, so you know exactly how long to brush your teeth! Oh please, please, please help me come up with a good idea of how to repurpose this one. I can't get past how silly it is long enough to come up with something good.