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    Happy Thanks Giving... from the UK.


    I know it is not normally a British tradition but element14 is a truly international company, we have offices all over the world and exchange food, coffee, traditions and staff regularly.


    In the element 14 office in Leeds, UK we are certainly behind the spirit of Thanksgiving, because everyone likes to feast and we did want to show our thanks to those who have helped us this year making element14 amazing.


    Our specially selected crack “Very thankful” team  of volunteers, (Bryan, Marion and Anna), came up plans on how best to spread this American tradition in the office.


    This plan boiled down to:

    1) Bring lots of food.

    2) Create “Thank you” box where staff could write notes to people they are thankful for.



    Food is always welcome in the office. Bryan (Today's token American)'s Mother shared her shopping and recipe list for her traditional thanksgiving meal.


    We might not have American supermarkets or an oven in the office but what we do have is the best of American Snack foods on offer in UK supermarkets, as well as some beautiful home made Meatloaf, Pumpkin, and Pecan Pie.


    One thing we can do easily in the office is make sure our thanks are heartfelt and heard. Some were anonymous, some named.

    A "Thank You" post box was left in the office for members of staff to leave thank you notes for other colleagues. These thank you notes were handed out as the fest began.



    Many smiles were given, lots of food was eaten and I, for one, am thankful to work for such a good company with great people around me.




    Happy Thanksgiving from the UK