Version 1

    I picked up some items from the dollar store and I've been trying to brainstorm ways to electrify these bulbs and to be honest, I'm struggling. I have two different sized ornaments and found a 2AA strand of lights and a stylus/laser pointer/flashlight. I can use these items, or add from my personal stash. Here are the challenges I'm coming up against:

    • Whatever I add needs to fit through the opening in the top. I want to maintain the clarity of the bulb so I don't want to cut it in half and glue it back together.
    • DC power: I want to maintain the battery life, so the power switching needs to be automated rather than manual.
    • AC power: trying to power it off of the light strands already on the tree.

    Ornament Ideas

    Do you have any solutions for my power problems?

    What interesting things could I put in or add to my ornaments to make them awesome and powered?

    Have you made an electrified ornament before? Tell me about it!