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    Portable Electronics Kit

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    In the comments below give us your portable electronics kit ideas!


    The theme this month comes from shabaz and it's to build your own portable electronics kit.


    Some examples he suggests include:

    • A breadboard and components bundle
    • A modular system using 3D printed blocks
    • A storage system for packing components or boards for travel
    • An Experimenter board with LEDs, buttons and analog or digital electronics
    • A microcontroller (e.g. Micro:bit) or Pi solution, perhaps combined with a small display and keypad
    • A kit to build a dedicated project, along with order codes for the parts. This could include a breadboard, so all a user needs to do is order the parts wherever they are, and get assembling
    • A clever cabling or connection system to allow beginners to connect up boards in multiple way
    • A mini booklet of beginners circuits


    Check out the project example from shabaz :

    EE-CARD: A Portable Electronics Project Kit


    Anything goes as long as its portable and is an electronics kit. You could even create a portable electronics kit to carry your diy oscilloscope, soldering station, multimeter, or other testing equipment such as Ben Heck’s Lunch Box Dev Kitmayermakes did his own version when he did  Ben Hecks Lunchbox Dev Kit Remixed   by MAYER MAKES.





    Your Chance to Win


    Be Original
    Stick to the Theme
    • You could come up with a clever name that make's your project memorable!
      • This project is your baby! Part of the fun of bringing something new into the world is coming up with a name.
    • Your project could introduce something new or that is not commercially available or affordable!
    • If you have an idea for a project that doesn't fit the current theme then submit your idea in the comments section of the monthly poll.
    List the Steps
    Submit Video Proof
    • Provide the steps you took to complete your project (text, video, or images).
      • This could be a step by step how-to-guide, vlog, schematics, coding, napkin drawings, voice narration, or whatever you think will be useful!
    • If it doesn't work that's fine, this is more about the journey than the end product.
    • A short video is all that is required but you can shoot as much video as you like.
    • You are encouraged to be creative and have as much fun as possible!

    Your Project Examples


    Cool LED Display
    6 Decade Resistor Substitution Box In-the-Air-Challenge:   Air Quality Sensor Box




    The Monthly Theme You Voted for: Portable Electronics Kit

    Episode 231: Ben Heck’s Lunch Box Dev Kit Episode

    Ben Hecks Lunchbox Dev Kit Remixed by MAYER MAKES


    Your Project, Your Ideas!



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    What are Monthly Themes?

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    • Themes comments and ideas from the comments section of the project theme poll.

    Step 1: Log in or register on element14, it's easy and free.

    Step 2: Post in the comments section below to begin a discussion on your idea. Videos, pictures and text are all welcomed forms of submission.

    Step 3: Submit a blog post of your progress on your project by the end of the month.  You are free to submit as many blog entries as you like until the beginning of the next theme.


    Be sure to include video proof of your project!


    Visit: Portable Electronics Kit




    You have until March 14th, 12:00 AM CDT to submit your completed project!


    A jury consisting of your peers will judge project submissions!


    Give Us Your Portable Electronics Kit Ideas in the Comments Below!