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    IoT on Wheels: Winners Announcement


    After 11+ weeks of design, research, prototyping, coding and testing the final submission date for IoT on Wheels Design Challenge has passed. Tools down!


    The judges have tallied their thoughts and feedback until our original 15 sponsored challengers have been whittled down to Grand Prize, Runner Up Prize, 3rd Prize and Finishers.


    We are very pleased to congratulate all the Winners of the IoT on Wheels Design challenge with STMicroelectronics.


    The Winners:


    Grand Prize - Traffic Predictor and Auto Pilot

    Dixon Selvan - Project Summary



    Our grand prize winner Dixon has created a device that attaches to your vehicle and scans the traffic around you with sonar.


    The device then saves or uploads this traffic data to a central database, including location, time, and traffic severity.

    This app then lets him "Avoid traffic like a Bat!" using the findings from sonar, the app and the Google Maps AI to find the best shared route to your chosen destination. The data on the app is to be crowd sourced from other users traffic experiences. We loved that Dixon created a motorized servo rig to attached to his motorbike that hold the sonar and Nucleo steady while riding around.


    Judges Feedback:

    Clear diagrams from build and Great Videos

    - Dr. J Harding

    I like the detail put into diagrams, flow charts, database schema etc. I like the app and the hardware works and communicates successfully with the app.

    - rachaelp

    Pros: Very good Theme, Machine Learning, Clear description on how and why original plans changed,  Very good Videos and finally Good Overall Summary and Blogs.

    - STM Judges


    Read More of Dixon's Traffic Predictor and Auto Pilot


    Grand Prize Includes:

    • Segway MiniPRO (retail value $600)
    • Oculus Rift and Touch VR Headset (retail value $600)
    • Duratool Crimp Kit (retail value $567)



    Runner Up - The Konker Connection

    Douglas Wong - Project Summary


    As always, Douglas Wong really shines through as a stand out challenger.  The Konker Connection connection is Douglas's effort to make his off road motor biking safer using the STM 32 Nucleo.


    The initial brief was that the Nucleo was used to monitor his GPS location, monitor if his bike has been left on its side (signalling that he might have fallen off and is unable to pick it back up) and use the resonance sound of the gas tank to figure out how full it is.  This was then all to be sent out via LoRa radio.


    Although Douglas did not reach some of his stretch goals, he demonstrated working examples of each of the functions required.


    His use of 3D printing on a curved gas tank as well as having to reverse engineer some of the Nucleo pin outs really pushed his boundaries. As always there is glory to be had in having to produce your own PCB for your project.


    Douglas's "Konker Connection" is well rounded up in his own stats:

    Project Stats:


    16 blogs

    18 videos

    1 custom PCB

    1 gigantic amount of learning+

    As always, Douglas always comes through with a finished and polished project.


    Judges Feedback:

    Very good experiment with the Fuel gauge using the tank responance. Great use of Schematics and PCB design, 3D Printed Brackets, Clear blogs. Additional use of HW blocks.

    - STM Judges

    This project has so much to offer, in the usual Doug style he went the to great lengths to come up with a pretty polished solution. The end result, although he didn't reach some of his stretch goals was superb. The platform he's developed could easily cater for the addition of more functionality and it's already at a point where it's a pretty decent custom hardware platform.


    A very high quality build including a fully custom PCB to bring everything together and a custom designed case specifically for the purpose. The end result is supurb.

    - rachaelp

    Clock was complete and the Product looked really good with very good presentation of experiments.


    Dr. J Harding


    Runner Up Prize Includes:

    • Pioneer GPS Cycle Computer Bundle (retail background $379)
    • GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera (retail value $400)
    • Master Appliance: Soldering Iron, Hot Knife & Heat Tool Kit (retail value $231)



    Third Prize - Smart Drive

    Sergey Vlasov - Project Summary



    Sergey's project, the Smart Drive, is an open, public, Big-Data project that collects broad data of journeys, like a collaborative black-box flight recorder system.


    Some of the data collected would be "Red Flag Warnings" which could be input by users or created by the system. An example situation of this would be using the Geo-location and Accelerators to detect "Emergency Breaking" or "Fall Detection" as a "Red Flag Warning".

    This data would firstly be displayed to the rider, giving them an option to flag it as a "False Alarm" which would ignore this Warning. If the Fall Status, Crash Status or Hard Breaking Status was a legitimate "Red Warning Flag" the GPS location would be logged and shared, that way, when other users were in close proximity to any location with a "Red Warning Flag", lights would flash and a sound would chime.


    Judges and element14 staff loved this project for the extensive blogs on the details of using the Nucleo. These blogs will be very good reference for others in the future.


    Data Decision Tree

    Judges Feedback

    Great drawings showing “How” and Clear experiments to find how things work.

    - Dr. J Harding

    Very good theme, Very good blog posts, real world application test, use of existing ST tools, STM32CubeMX, MQTT, and other SW Packages

    - STM Judges

    The concept of sharing knowledge while travelling to benefit others is great. There are others that do similar, TomTom traffic works in a similar way, as does Waze navigation, but none of these are open and accessible to the larger community. I like the use of Unicleo-GUI for visualization and logging of the various sensor data. Also all the fundamental blocks were developed and tested to prove out the concepts at each stage without getting bogged down in the detail of one particular section. I'd like to have seen more on the hardware side and a bit more of a robust prototype than the breadboarding that's currently used but given the amount of additional sensor pieces produced this is a minor criticism. Finally the video of the system actually in operation, although referenced in the final blog appears to be missing. I'd have loved to see that.

    - rachaelp



    Third Prize Includes:

    • The Traxxas Slash Radio Controlled Car Pro 2WD Short-Course Truck  (retail value $245)
    • QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones (retail value $350)
    • Tenma Programmable Bench Power Supply (retail value $159)




    Not everyone can win the grand prize but everyone who've reached the finish line is a winner in their own way. Anyone who adhered to the terms and conditions, used the STM32 Nucleo and posted more than 10 progress blogs receives a finishers' prize pack. This also includes all winners and any non-sponsored challengers that have completed the challenge.

    Gurinder Singh Gill
    PASS Smart Bike Smart Rider (SbSr)

    Shantimohan Elchuri
    Vehicle Temperature Alert System (VeTAS)

    Dale Winhold
    Fatigue Alert System

    F. Yao
    Wheels Walking on Water


    All Finishers received the following:

    • Duratool Electronic Tool Kit, Basic, 22-Piece
    • Duratool Heat Gun
    • Tenma Handheld Digital Multimeter


    The Judges


    Martin Hubik - Application Support Engineer

    Martin Hubik is an application support engineer at STMicroelectronics.  He received his M.Sc. in engineering at CTU in Prague before joining STM in 2016.  His daily job is to provide expertise in microcontrollers to customers.  His area of interest is low power MCUs and digital signal processing. Apart from his passion with electronics and programming, he also enjoys swimming and windsurfing.

    Vladimir Janousek - Analog and Sensor Applications Manager

    Vladimir Janousek is an analog and sensor applications manager at the STMicroelectronics office in Prague.


    Dr. Jenny Harding - Loughborough University's Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electronic, and Manufacturing Engineering

    Professor of Intelligent Manufacturing Knowledge Systems

    Director of Academic Staffing, Research Theme Leader, Sports Technology and Design Systems

    Dr. Radmehr Monfared - Loughborough University's Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electronic, and Manufacturing Engineering

    Academics from Loughborough University's Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electronic, and Manufacturing Engineering (led by Dr. Radmehr Monfared) will participate in the judging of the contest (specifically, code, videos, blogs) to determine the winner.


    Rachael Peterson - element14 Top Member Judge

    As a Top Member in the element14 community, Rachael will provide her services as a judge and technical expert.