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    On a recent episode of sudo Sergeant, Felix attempted to get you to the ditch the Arduino IDE for Linux Terminal.  Now he joins Karen to address questions related to alternatives to the Arduino IDE.  He’ll talk about what he used in that episode and what you would need to do to upload your program to your Arduino from terminal.  


    Community Feedback comes from ryanthornburg  !

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    Watch the full episode: sudo Sergeant 04: Ditch the Arduino IDE for the Linux Terminal


    ryanthornburg wants to know if it's possible to run the programming without the GUI, using command line. The program that Felix used to do the programming was called Kdevelop, part of the KDE suite,  it’s a GUI type application, however, it’s a plain text editor so all the code is plain text.  So, there are text editors that run in the terminal such as vi, vim, emacs, and nano.  You can use one of those and then once you’re done editing the code, just compile it from the terminal.

    Karen wants to know if she can add code onto her Arduino by taking her .ino file outside of loading up the Arduino IDE and pushing it to the Arduino.  She wants to know if there’s a way to take the .ino file and push it to the Arduino through Terminal.  The way Felix did it in the episode, is he wrote a script, which you can write in a plain text editor within the terminal, and then execute the script.  Or you could take the main line, the one line that does all the work in that script, and take that line out of the script and type it directly into the terminal. It’ll then compile the .ino file, link it, and upload the program to the Arduino.


    Do you know of any other ways to write, compile, and upload a sketch to Arduino?

    Let us know in the comments below!