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    On a previous segment, Ben and Karen went over low voltage differential signaling and what you would need to do to connect an old lcd screen to a Raspberry Pi. Now a member wants to know if there's another way to do this for other displays found in old laptops.


    Community Feedback comes from lanmanmd !

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    lanmanmd wonders if you're using all the pins on your Raspberry Pi, all the GPIO, if it can still be considered a Raspberry Pi.  He's interested in finding another way to go from the SDI header to low differential signaling (LVDS) or other display types found in old laptops.  As it turns out, Texas Instruments makes an inexpensive converter chip that does just this.   You can get this TTL to LVDS converter chip from TI and it will allow you to go from the Raspberry Pi to the chip and then directly to a piece of LCD glass like you would find in a laptop screen.