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    Altium and element14 have come together to create a repository of articles to help the CircuitStudio community. This Knowledge Base will build over time to become an excellent source of information about all aspects of using and maintaining Altium CircuitStudio, so although there is some content currently available keep your eye on this space, and let us know what you think and what you would like to see.


    The Knowledge Base is a database of tips, hints, and solutions that help to fill the information gap between Documentation and Support, and provide another avenue to find help on your own. It contains articles written by support professionals at Altium and element14 with new articles continuously being added as the need arises.


    We are allowing commentary within the Knowledge Base so we can get feedback to improve the articles, as well as receive requests for additional information and things of that nature, within context of the topic of discussion.  However it is important to mention that this space will be moderated to try to keep it as a curated collection of knowledge.  So please keep any Knowledge Base commentary in context with the topic you are posting on.  Of course, for requests for information and things not yet covered in the Knowledge Base we would still encourage you to post your questions on the forum.  As these questions are answered, we will curate content from these answers to format and create new Knowledge Base articles.


    Knowledge Base


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