Version 4

    An Introduction to Computer Science is an introductory curriculum for the BBC micro:bit that was developed by our partners at the Microsoft Corporation. Written by Douglas and Mary Kiang, the twelve-week program features easy-to-follow lessons to guide students through the fundamentals of coding, problem-solving and project work.


    In this third batch of lessons, students are introduced to the use of coordinates to store data and results, how the boolean data type can be employed to control the flow of a program and finally how the concept of binary digits and base-2 notation can help students to understand how data is stored, read and accessed digitally.


    Parts One and Two of the curriculum is available for free download here and here. The concluding chapters will be released in the next few days.


    As a key manufacturing partner of the BBC micro:bit project, Farnell element14 has been working with a number of industry-leading companies to help promote and support this ambitious educational initiative around the world.


    By now, over one million BBC micro:bit devices have been distributed to schools across the UK, in addition to tens of thousands that have been adopted in countries such as Singapore, Iceland and Croatia. Our partners at the Microsoft Corporation recently developed an introductory curriculum to help teachers to provide a hands-on, project based program of activities for coding and computer science.


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