Version 2

    When compiling a schematic (Home | Project >> Compile) you may find yourself with a warning in the Messages window "Duplicate pins in component Pin XXX-X and Pin YYY-Y". This can occur when using multi-part library symbols where each sub-part (gate) contains power pins where the power pins are common to all sub-parts.



    Only one error is reported per unique component pin. For example you may have a 4 part op amp with power on pins 4 and 11. You will only receive one warning per op amp (not per sub-part) regardless of how many sub-parts of that op amp are in error.


    To eliminate the error you need to wire up all the pins, the same net being used for each unique 'duplicate' pin (e.g. all sub-parts have pin 4 wired to VEE). If any common pins are not wired or you have used different nets the warning message will persist.


    I don't want power pins on all my symbol sub-parts!

    Many multi-gate vault symbols are designed following the convention of adding the power pins to every gate instance. Even though there is the option to hide the pins when added to a schematic this does not remove the drawn lines on the symbol. If you prefer to have a separate power sub-part then you will need to design your own symbol, it's quite easy and no reason you cannot just copy and paste the footprint to use with your newly drawn symbol.