Version 1

    Applies to Versions: [1.x]

    Making the Content Vault Available to Access Components

    The Altium Content Vault is completely separate from the installed CircuitStudio software. To access the components in the Content Vault, you must first be online and connected to it. This is done by clicking the Add Altium Content Vault button in the Data Management - Vaults page of the Preferences dialog.



    1. First let’s open the preferences with File » System Preferences
    2. Within the Preferences dialog, go to the Data Management section and highlight Vaults
    3. Within the Vaults section, if you are already connected to the Content Vault, the connection will be visible here, if you are not yet connected, press the button Add Altium Content Vault to connect.


    Once you have connected to the Altium Content Vault, you can explore or search for a component. This is done in the Vaults panel, select File » Vault Explorer to display the panel.