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    Welcome to the Pi Chef Design Challengers Page!

    Our 'Pi Chef' Design Challenge, a collaboration with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, has now launched.  The first 15 Challengers will use the Raspberry Pi 3Raspberry Pi 3 Raspberry Pi 3Raspberry Pi 3 as the main ingredient to improve and expand their creativity in the kitchen.  These projects should show how the Raspberry Pi can be used to improve the world of food, kitchen safety, brewing, baking, and food preparation.  These Challengers will receive a Challenger Kit for FREE.


    Please join us in congratulating the official sponsored Challengers.  We look forward to reading all your initial blogs introducing your project designs.

    Adrian Blackburn | Amol Disale | AnnaLisa Davis | Avner Fernandes | Bernhard Mayer | Budiman Putra | Drew Noolas | James Belcher | James O'Gorman | John Kutzschebauch | Jonathan Schooler | Justin Berger | Karthic Kumar Durai pandian | Mark Gitsham | Shervin Oloumi

    Adrian Blackburn


    Project: Cracked Pepper, Sir?

    Synopsis: Adrian will be building a smart robotic arm that takes all the effort out of  adding freshly cracked black pepper to your meal.

    Adrian's project blogs

    Amol Disale


    Project: Smart Food Scale

    Synopsis: Amol will be building a smart scale that will determine your Protein, Fats, and Carbs for each meal.

    Amol's project blogs

    AnnaLisa Davis


    Project: Automatic Dough Shaper

    Synopsis: AnnaLisa will be creating a combined XY Cookie dough plotter and oven to create custom CNC cookies.

    AnnaLisa's project blogs

    Avner Fernandes


    Project: Bake Mate

    Synopsis: Avner will be building a friendly Smart Scale and cooking system that holds your hand while guiding you through the cooking process.

    Avner's project blogs

    Bernhard Mayer


    Project: Stove Assistant

    Synopsis:Bernhard will be using a Panasonic Grid Eye, Computer vision and the Raspberry Pi to create a smart kitchen heat sensor system.

    Bernhard's project blogs

    Budiman Putra


    Project: PiCA

    Synopsis: Budiman will be building a system that uses computer vision to check food stocks, helps you plan meals, then orders more stocks when used.

    Budiman's project blogs

    Drew Noolas


    Project: Did I turn the Stove off?

    Synopsis: Drew will be building a remote IoT Heat sensor using Nio platform and a mobile interface to check if you/elderly relatives have left the stove on.

    Drew's project blogs

    James Belcher


    Project: Kitchen Brainiac

    Synopsis:– A multi-device controller using ESP8266 and Modbus TCP control that could repurpose any kitchen appliance as a smart IoT device.

    James's project blogs

    James O'Gorman


    Project: Smart Range Hood

    Synopsis: James will be building a Smart Range Hood for his partner with air quality sensors and a MQTT “Dinner is ready” message system.

    James's project blogs

    John Kutzschebauch


    Project: KCON - Kitchen CONsole

    Synopsis: John is upgrading his existing cabinates with a Flipdown Kitchen Console (KCON) with Voice recognition, touchscreen and a library of listed recipes.

    John's project blogs

    Jonathan Schooler


    Project: The Cooker Connector

    Synopsis: Jonathan is creating a Kitchen sensor unit that will monitor oven and food temperatures with a heads up display and A NFC sync tab.

    Jonathan's project blogs

    Justin Berger


    Project: iTender

    Synopsis: Justin will be expanding and improving his iTender Automatic Cocktail maker prototype with Recipes, Cooling, NFC and Interface.

    Justin's project blogs

    Karthic Kumar Durai Pandian


    Project: Smart Kitchen Cabinet Mat

    Synopsis:Karthic is building a set of Smart Shelves for stocks control with NFC containers, Connected Scales and Voice control.

    Karthic's project blogs

    Mark Gitsham


    Project: SafeDegree

    Synopsis: Marks project is a Cloud infrastructure based Freezer and chill room Monitoring System to help protect his family’s restaurants from disaster.

    Mark's project blogs

    Shervin Oloumi


    Project: NutriFresh

    Synopsis: A refrigerator conscience Kitchen Assistant, that uses computer vision to track and deter food waste and missed food expiration dates.

    Shervin's project blogs

    Interested in joining the Challengers? You can do it as a non-sponsored Challenger! Here's how:

    Simply get the low-cost Raspberry Pi 3Raspberry Pi 3 Raspberry Pi 3Raspberry Pi 3, integrate it into your project, and post 10 blogs about your design journey in the Pi Chef space (tagging your blogs 'Pi Chef') and you'll be eligible to win the awesome prizes.


    Read full terms & conditions for more details.

    Good Luck Everyone!