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    A community member is interested in taking an old Simon game and turning it into a musical instrument with an added button for a fifth note.  He could then add an audio out to connect to a PC, where he can mix it like a musical instrument.  Ben gives some suggestions on what he could do and this also gives him ideas for a future episode.


    Community Feedback comes from zip   !

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    zip wants to know if it’s possible to modify a Simon game into a musical instrument.   He’s heard that the game’s sound was inspired by a bugle.  It has a total of five notes, one for each button and one that sounds when you make a mistake.   To access the fifth note, he’s guessing that it needs to add a button to access the fifth note.  Additionally, he’d like to add a headphone jack as an audio out so that can record the audio to PC for mixing. He’s curious to know if you can get extra sounds or increased functionality from the Simon game.  You can hit two buttons at a time to get another note, giving you 16 notes, but the question is whether you can hack a Simon to turn it into a musical instrument.