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    Ben and Felix review the Zero Smog Fume Extractor from Weller, while using a Soldering Iron that was also provided by Weller.  The Fume extractor is used to filter out fumes, such as when soldering.  It features a dust filter, a HEPA filter, and a charcoal filter.  Ben tests the suction on the fume extractor while demonstrating his soldering technique.  



    The FT91012699FT91012699  from Weller is a zero smog EL kit 1 This zero smog EL fume extraction unit is ideal small soldering applications. It's capable of producing a suction volume of 150m3/h and high level extraction power of 2500Pa with high quality long life brushless turbine.  


    It has active carbon foam for effective gas cleaning and it is a portable fume extraction unit for placement under or next to bench top. Four speed adjustments are available for power regulation.


    Ben and Felix test the fume extractor unit with the Weller Soldering IronWeller Soldering Iron.