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    It is finally done, the Raspberry Pi (with no HDMI) portable MAME emulator based on the Raspberry Pi A+! Ben and Felix have put the finishing touches to the portable gaming device with the use of laser cutting and 3D printing. With 8 GPIO left though, Felix decides that it's best to do a low-level input for the buttons and directional pad to control the device.




    Product NameManufacturer Part Number
    Part Link
    Raspberry Pi Model A, BCM2835RASPBRRY-MODA+-512M1Buy NowBuy Now
    PCB, No Holes, Single Clad12X12WEC112X12WEC11Buy NowBuy Now
    Display Panel, Capacitive Touchscreen, TFT, 480 x 272RK043FN02H-CT1Buy NowBuy Now
    EVQ-Q2W03WEVQ-Q2W03WTactile Switch
    EVQ-Q2W03WEVQ-Q2W03W16Buy NowBuy Now
    Micro SD Card, 16 GB
    TSRASPI10-16GTSRASPI10-16G1Buy NowBuy Now
    SMD Chip Resistor, 33 ohmMC0805S8F330JT5EMC0805S8F330JT5E21Buy NowBuy Now
    USB Hub, Bus Powered, USB 3.0, 4 PortsU3-4HUB1Buy NowBuy Now
    Ribbon Cable, 40 Conductor, 30 AWGHF447/40 100'10"Buy NowBuy Now
    Ribbon Cable, 50 Conductor, 28 AWGR2651DTSY50SC8510"Buy NowBuy Now
    Speaker, Buzzer, Piezo, 8 ohm, 83 dB, 0 Hz to 3 kHzMCKP2644SP1F-4748MCKP2644SP1F-47482Buy NowBuy Now

    Get the Full Bom, Datasheets, Design Files, and Schematics on Github




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