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    The Hack Like Heck Competition

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    About Hack Like Heck
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    The Prizes


    Terms and Conditions


    Anyone can enter to win!  You don’t have to have a top 10 audition to participate in Hack Like Heck. 


    To enter you must:

    1. Declare your Intention - so we can get to know you better. (Closes March 31st)
    2. Build a portable gaming project showing off your engineering and electronics skills.
    3. Make a video of the steps you went through to create your awesome project - see Project Video Specifications
    4. Submit it to element14 following these instructions before 9am on April 2nd CENTRAL Daylight Time.


    Need some Tech Support because you've run into an issue with your build?

    You're in the right place!  Post a discussion/question to let the Community Members know what you're trying to do and what isn't quite working the way you want it to. . .


    Need some Video Support?

    That's us, too!  Comment below Start a discussionStart a discussionso we can help you create the best video ever.

    Also check out Making Project Videos: Tips & Tricks from the Ben Heck Crew!