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    The pinball kit is almost complete. The team just needs to take some time to create some art, sound, code, scoring, and then test it.



    Ben goes to work in Adobe Ilustrrator to design a semi generic playfield.  Originally, they were going for a semi generic playfield.  Ben shows the design of a slope for the ball to launch out of in Fusion 360. He also goes over some of his other design choices. They’re using tabs for the out walls, and “peanut butter cup shapes” for the main field. Ben’s also added some sling rubbers.  He figured out placement for the optosensors. Once he settles on a design, it’s time to laser cut the wood. Next, he goes to work on designing the solenoids. It looks like they will need to use the larger solenoids for the flippers.  He goes into Fusion to make modifications to the original drawing. Sheet metal can’t bend at perfect right angles – there’s always a curve. Fusion 360 fan figure this out for you.  It’s also good for something that needs flattening. The software warn if a design can’t be flattened out (parts intersect one another). After doing some more laser cutting, it’s time to make final assembly.  After all the arts in place and audio has been recorded, Ben shows you what the final design of the mini pinball kit looks like.  Ben, Karen, Felix, and Max share a moment of levity as they play the mini pinball kit they’ve designed.   Ben and Karen do an assessment of the manufacturability of the kit.

    Pinball Art by: Jackson Reed