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    Hey Gang!


    With the Raspberry Pi Birthday coming up soon, we are working on rounding up all the good Raspberry Pi is doing in the world and how it has impacted people’s lives.


    I want to hear how Raspberry Pi has impacted YOUR world.


    How has it shaped your home, your job, your creativity, your world and people around you?

    We will be compiling these and would Love to hear your story!


    To get the ball rolling... here is MY story:


    It was 2012 and I was sat looking over banks of web developers and sysadmins in the head office of an eCommerce company I used to work for.

    One of the developers is stood against the wall fiddling with the back of a TV, which was used to display outstanding bug tickets.

    Hanging precariously by a cable I see a small PCB, this is the first time I saw a Raspberry Pi.

    "It's a credit card sized computer" he says... "it's new, it's called a Raspberry Pi" that's it... MY.. MIND.. WAS.. BLOW.. and by the end of they day I had an order placed.


    The less romantic side of this story is that I waited almost 3 months for my board to arrive and when it did, I was so disillusioned it got put in the back of my draw at work and left to gather dust.


    2014 rolls around and I am sat (without knowing the relevance) watchingLaunch of the Raspberry Pi 2 - Press Conference, which was promoted and put together by people I now sit next to!


    I recognize the name, Raspberry Pi, and after a bit of tinkering with the Raspberry Pi 1, I internally decide that an injection of cash will help me get into programming and extend my skill set. I put my order in for the Raspberry Pi 2.... again stocking and then shipping takes its time, an effect of the Pi's popularity.

    Unbeknownst to me the team I will come to work with are working late nights to get the new Raspberry Pi guides ready for me to use.

    As a project minded person I was always looking for simple ways to tie in existing works and programs to get my own projects off the ground quicker, the raspberry pi afforded me this luxury.


    In 2015, after the initial shortages I order 10 to be used at a Convention I volunteer at. We set them up to manage the registration system of the not for profit event and allow 10 operators to "check in" 1500 attendees.

    The Raspberry Pis work flawlessly, sadly, our code did not.


    Late 2015 I get a job offer in Leeds. As a "maker" from a small town, with limited resources and tools,  I am hit with a moments excitement... so I Google, "Hackspace in Leeds" BINGO! A city with a well stocked Hackspace and new community to mingle with. Moving to Leeds I left lots of friends behind and this would be a great place to make more and dive deeper into the maker community.


    Walking into Leeds Hackspace was a bit of a biblical moment for me, surrounded by a community of makers, hackers, coders, artists and engineers who all have something to say about anything you are working on. One of the members of Leeds Hackspace is our very own cstanton, "There is a job going in the community team, you should apply, I think you would fit in on our team at element14,"


    That was just about 1 year ago and I have never looked back.

    All this... thanks to the Raspberry Pi.

    - e14phil



    I want to hear and collect how Raspberry Pi has impacted YOUR world.


    With the Raspberry Pi Birthday coming up soon, we are working on rounding up all the good Raspberry Pi is doing  in the world and how it has impacted people’s lives.