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    • Cloudio Smart Development Board
    • Cloudio Smart Development Board


    Cloudio is a Raspberry Pi add-on board with

    • Drag and Drop programming on iPhone, iPad, Android,
    • Voice Assistant Capabilities,
    • IFTTT Integration,
    • Unlimited Cloud Service,
    • Sensor Monitor and Dashboard,
    • Custom Notifications with Image and Video,
    • One Tap multi-board Upload, and more.

    The product includes -

    • GraspIO Studio: Drag and Drop programming mobile app to unleash the combined powers of Raspberry Pi and Cloudio. This simple, yet powerful mobile IDE abstracts the complexity of development allowing you to accomplish IoT goals faster. Available on iOS and Android.
    • GraspIO Cloudio: A Raspberry Pi add-on with a 0.96" OLED display, Proximity sensor, Light sensor, Temperature sensor, Tactile switch, Mini Servo port, 3 ADC ports for external sensors, 3 digital output ports, RGB LED, and Buzzer.
    • GraspIO IoT Cloud: Unlimited Cloud Service* to connect, program, monitor, and manage Cloudio at scale right from your mobile device - anywhere, anytime. Adding custom notifications, email alerts, real-time data collection, and scheduling to your projects has never been easier.
    • IFTTT: Cloudio works with IFTTT and integrates with thousands of apps and smart devices. Connect to Amazon Alexa, Philips Hue, Fitbit, Facebook, Google, and many more to create new experience through applets. Works as both an action and a trigger.


    • Drag and drop programming: An intuitive mobile interface that lets you program the Raspberry Pi's and Cloudio's features with a block based approach
    • Sensor monitor and dashboard: Use Cloudio's sensors to design intelligent and responsive sensor monitoring projects
    • View real-time sensor graphs on your mobile device and export data for IoT analytics
    • IoT Cloud Service: Use your smartphone to connect, program, control, monitor and manage multiple Cloudios over the internet - anywhere, anytime.
    • Cloudio Comes with 50,000 free preloaded calls, and a lifetime offering of 100 daily non-cumulative calls.
    • Speech recognition and voice control: Create your own voice assistants, set your own wake-word and add custom voice commands
    • Interface a Raspberry Pi or USB camera with the in-app camera block to capture images, videos, create GIFs and time-lapse videos
    • Add custom email, image, and video notifications to your projects
    • Speech outputs: Make your projects talk to you with the easy to use in-app speak block
    • Create real-time speech notifications, custom messages, or play recorded audio from the board
    • IFTTT: Create simple applets that use Cloudio's features as both triggers and actions for a new connected experience
    • Compatible with all Raspberry Pi Models (1/2/0 requires Wi-Fi Dongle)
    • GraspIO Studio App requires iOS 10.3+ or Android 4.4 (KitKat)+

    Ships With

    • Cloudio Board
    • Quick Start Guide

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