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    In the spirit of Valentine's Day and to help get you in the lovin' mood we have the recipients of Project14 | The Holiday Special Winners: A Christmas Miracle! Gifts to Give.


    Valentine's Day is today in the US, but I understand that it has already passed for some of you.


    That's okay.  You can make every day a lovin' day!


    The 3 first place winners jomoenginer , ntewinkel , and  dwinhold have announced their picks for a $100 Shopping Cart!




    The following members are winners of $100 Shopping Carts courtesy of jomoenginer and ntewinkel :



    Project Elf House by beagles


    Project Elf House- Complete


    Fantastic solution and very simple implementation. - Community Member Judge


    Looks really nice, and the circuit was available. - Community Member Judge



    The idea for the elf house was hatched during a discussion amongst friends of  beagles .  He was tasked with producing a Christmas decoration using a toilet roll tube.  beagles was asked if he could add a single white LED to their project. The project being a little elf house. He did better than that...


    Bright H2O Light by julior


    BrightH2O light!


    Cyclists-safety related project, but very amazing and attracting all surrounding traffic Nice build, well documented, easy to replicate and/or modify. Very "cool LED display", indeed. - Community Member Judge


    I thought that this was very creative and the LED effect was great! - Community Member Judge



    Whether you live in a big city where it makes sense for a lot of people to ride bikes rather than sitting behind the wheel in a car on a congested street, or you are riding your bike in a part of the country that does not have a lot of lighting, improving cyclist safety and preventing accidents is a great use of LEDs.  This project was especially popular with the judges reviewing the projects and rightfully so. julior used this this opportunity to do a project that makes cyclist safer and decreases the likelihood that they'll get into an accident.  His solution is ingenius,  a BrightH2O bottle that makes the cyclist more visible! The prototype is based off an Attiny85 development board and it also uses an RGBW LED ring, an 850 mAh rechargeable battery, a Lipo Charger, 3D printed cap, and of course a water bottle.


    dwinhold has elected to split his $100 Gift to Give between the following two recipients:


    Mini LED Christmas Tree by carmelito


    Mini LED Christmas Tree


    The beauty of this project lies in its simplicity. - Community Member Judge




    carmelito did this for the Cool LED Display competition.  This was a quick project to get the community in the festive mood.   It goes over how to  make a simple Mini LED Christmas Tree for your study table/computer desk. It's beauty is in its simplicity.



    DIY Ferris Wheel by dixonselvan


    DIY LED Ferris Wheel



    Great project for fathers and their kids I loved the time-lapse video and everything explained. Dixon has put a lot of effort into this mini project.- Community Member Judge





    Speaking of wheels, dixonselvan was the grand prize winner of the recently completed IoT on Wheels Design Challenges.  For him, the holidays are fun when they decorate their place with lights and stars .LEDs are mostly used for this purpose, so he's given a project as one of our judges pointed out is a "great project for fathers and kids."  He made a really great DIY video series and provides you with all the required materials including a DC Motor and an Arduino Uno/Mega.  Great video, documentation, and a project you can do with your kids next Christmas.



    I'll be contacting each of the Gift to Give Winners so they can redeem their shopping cart and get cool element14 loot!


    Please Be Sure to Thank the First Place Winners for their Gift to Give and to also Congratulate the Winners in the Comments Below!