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    Drew Littrell
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    Declaration of IntentDrew Littrell intends to Hack Like Heck
    YouTube ChannelThis Olde Console
    Hack Like Heck Project ProgressAll Wired Up...Now Onto Mechanical Design

    Name: Drew Littrell

    Element14 Community member since: August 15, 2015

    Plan to Hack Like Heck: Give R.O.B. the Robot a 2nd life with a Raspberry Pi Portable

    Notable projects: DarthStation-1, PS2600, PBR-Boy 2000


    More about the contestant:


    How did you first get into electronics?

         As with any engineer, I was a Lego kid through and through. I had the privilege of being the right age for the first Lego Mindstorms Robotics set which came with software you could use to program the base unit's computer. Since me and my sister's cat were not on speaking terms at the time, I created a robot with tank treads complete with plastic missile launcher you could drive around with the IR remote. Though I only got to fire that missile at the cat once, I learned two things that day:


         1.) Electronics are really cool.

         2.) Cats are surprisingly smart.


    What were some of your other first electronics projects?

         When I was younger, pretty much the basics: making a LED light-up on a breadboard or making a DC motor spin. In high school, I rigged up a foot pedal to my light gun so I could play Time Crisis II as authentically as possible at home. I also rigged up an anaglyphic-dual 3D camera setup to make those red/blue style 3D movies with my friends...although I will have to admit that James Cameron did 3D a little better than I did with Avatar.


    What would you say are your favorite projects you've made?

         I'm really into classic videogames, so my wood-grain PS2 I called the PS2600. And my DarthStation-1 mod that is essentially a PSone inside of a CD player that is shaped like Darth Vader's head. Though as silly as it sounds, my video for the PBR-Boy 2000 (a faux Pip-Boy replacement made from Pabst Blue Ribbon cans) definitely turned out the best.


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