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    Wesley Gardner
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    Name: Wesley Gardner

    Element14 Community member since: March 13, 2014

    Plan to Hack Like Heck: Redo the case and livestream his builds.

    Notable projects: Arduino Starter Kit Case Upgrade, 1970s Sears 8 Track Repair


    More about the contestant:

    Loves sloths.


    How did you first get into electronics?

    The year was 1990 I was 10 years old.  We had recently gotten a vcr and I was hooked. My mom came home early from work that day, I had the vcr in many pieces on the floor I had to know how it worked. I was always in awe of my grandparents 8mm projector and loved movie nights with them. My grandfather was always showing me how things worked from cars to electronics the old hifi player was his baby and he loved radios so we were always taking things apart and fixing them together.  Back to my story my mom walked in an started to freak out on me as my dad would be home in a few hours so instead of my further exploration of the vcr I had to start to put it back together and prove it worked to my mom. Let's just say I was grounded for a while for that one. But ever since then my love and excitement for electronics great I would go to garage sales and buy old pong systems and radios just to play with them and see how the worked and fix anything that might be broken on them. So with my grandfathers willingness to show me how things worked and how fixing them can be just as easy started my adventure and passion for all things broken and electronic.


    In your audition video, you had the idea to do livestreams to help boost interaction with the audience. What projects would you do on a livestream?

    I would love to do live streaming for more single board projects arduino, raspeberry pi, beaglebone and so on and try to limit them to 30-1hr projects and have set days for that for example single board sundays or something like that but also have one during the mid week as well doing general projects getting input and ideas from people that way possibly to help the build and make things better as well. Cause there is nothing better then more minds coming together to help create something awesome!. But I am also open to others ideas of what would make a great live stream that others would enjoy as well. As with my years of customer service you need to learn about your customers/clients to be able to best serve them in the end and keep them around.


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