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    Sam Freeman
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    Name: Sam Freeman

    Element14 Community member since: February 22, 2018

    Plan to Hack Like Heck: Functions as both awesome retro video game console and fantastic piece of art....and MORE!

    Notable projects:  Goggles, ray guns, a meat-dispensing game machine, and a video game cocktail table. Also, something about flashlights and antennas.


    More about the contestant:


    Why are you interested in hacking like Heck?

    Well, I'm drawn to anything that helps others build their ideas and accomplish their own dreams. If I can help inspire someone to spend their free time building something, then I believe I've done good. But really it's the life-changing fame.


    What are your favorite projects or projects you are most proud of?

    Oh they're all my favorite. But the Distraction Contraption mini arcade.


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    Due to a laughable number of unscheduled-but-necessary home repairs, I will not have a video completed by 4/2. The build is far enough along that it would be silly not to finish it, so finished it shall become. But as for the contest deadline, I'm sure it'll make a heck of a whooshing noise as it goes by.