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    Rory O Connor
    Audition Video
    Declaration of IntentRory O Connor intends to Hack Like Heck
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    Pi Play AR ( I & II ) | Lights, Camera .. Refraction!!!

    Pi Play AR (I & II) Foto-Bloggin' a Zombie Horse.. in AR!!!?


    Name: Rory O Connor

    Element14 Community member since: June 12, 2017


    Hack like Heck Updates :

    Pi Play AR ( I & II ) | Lights, Camera .. Refraction!!!

    Pi Play AR (I & II) Foto-Bloggin' a Zombie Horse.. in AR!!!?



    ..and more? Ask @ rocits!


    Back in d'good awld day-s! :


    When I was a small kid I broke electronic toys faster than anybody, no time for screwy screws , how does it work!? how can I open it quickly!? While Jobs was probably getting fired I was pretending to create a 'netflix' type interface from video image cutouts on cardboard, completely immersed in my fantasy of the future idyllic conveniences lol, still doesn't exist the way I imagined.. Augmented Reality >>> nearly there now! #AR


    Like most over awed by core tech kids creating lego variations, bunk-bed lifts and magnetic controller games , trying to over power motors to make a helicopter with a wired control. I haven't 'played' about with electronics since, I gradually bought some of the core tools hoping I would have spare time! that time is now! lol =D



    Electronics & More..


    I've Watched TBHS for a good while, really enjoy it right back to first episode and gradually horded masses of attic electro-tech-crud hoping that the electronic mastery of Ben would click in eventually by osmosis as soon as I have time to build, which is now! Also very interested in graphene and hyper practical nano tech!


    Why? why? whyyyyyyyyy..


    If I can just get through my overly ambitious build [for me] and video it would be way beyond what I ever intended to do..


    ..make a funny audition video dedicated to all the excellent work of TBHS .. for me the jokes/memes would be a serious bonus, it's was ridiculously fun making the audition tape I lost track of all/any edit timing, flow and polish! [maybe a V3 might get me up to scratch]



    Fav Projects :


    I've attempted!!! lol ..Little bits of everything from household, art, crafts, eco, ecotech, flash/opentoonz animation, sheet metal, civil/mechanical engineering, gyo, diy, teaching 2m+ in 100+ countries core web stuff , Now starting again with core #AR technologies, just like the core web tech had to be figured out gradually, cloud apps , ar ,vr gadgets to IT solutions  etc etc etc ...

    i.e. ROCITS [Rory O Connor IT Solutions]..maybe should be rocIoTs lol that would be tioght !


    My own 'super cloud systems' Community:

    Working on a prototyping inventory/design/VR networked WebApp

    [working title- AR/VR update coming soonish, trying to connect everything up with the 'hack like heck' competition


    My own Google Technology Community :


    My Fav project is up-cycling broken wheelie bins like a the garden organizer in the audition video, building into a possible  40 + uses ! e.g. a snow plough would have come in handy recently!

    A full series on ? would be great! I enjoy working with constraints, they help me be more creative & imaginative to find solutions then most progress becomes a satisfying challenge!




    AR -Augmented Reality is my singlulary focus & I strongly believe [and even google officially announced it is..] the next BIG trilly? platform!

    WebGL and WASM [web Assembly] are ones to watch! Some engineering application already available like mysketchup & sketchfab.Many technology areas are merging very successfully.


    #AR / #VR Focus on Twitter and Github!


    #AR >>>> Advanced Creative Design & Interaction , Product & Training Solutions, Engineering, Hacking, Iot & Electronics etc.. >>>>  #thefuture


    Hope & Dreams! D'aw! [... massive shattering bg noise just on time!] DOH!!!


    My ultimate ambition is to create a vastly creative, innovative & eco-tech globally networked villages utilizing ecodomes design/builds lol , but may just settle for a up-cycle work-shed on a Mediterranean island! DOH!!! =D




    Build Updates :

    Pi Play AR ( I & II ) | Lights, Camera .. Refraction!!!