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    David Edwards
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    Name: David Edwards

    Element14 Community member since: March 8, 2018

    Plan to Hack Like Heck: Make it truly portable: small, convenient, ergonomic.


    More about the contestant:


    How did you first get into electronics?

    Mostly by accident, breaking things, wanting to fix them, and working out how. I wasn't alowed a TV in my room as a child, so I found a broken one and fixed it! From there, I got into computers, and then progressed to modding and custom builds. Finally training to be a services engineer, I found a niche for myself working with the specialists at a lower level (RS232, relay logic etc).


    Is electronics more of a job or a hobby?

    Definitely a hobby, I have never had a job that necessitated me to do anything with electronics, I think I just find ways to bring my interests into work where I can.


    Tell me about some projects you've done. What projects are you most proud of?

    I loved the multi-touch coffee table I mentioned in my video. All of the rear projected multi-touch projects I had seen used desks that were standing height, so I built a projector into a normal coffee table size project, including all the maths for sizing the mirrors, positioning the parts of the projector, building the machine to drive it. I started with a FTIR (frustrated total internal reflection) technique, but found ambient IR was too much for the LEDs and modified PSEye camera to work, so ended up modifying it again to be rear lit IR shadow. It did work, but the old PC parts I had running it were to slow to be of everyday use, and I couldn't afford upgrades so my wife made me get rid of it!

    I have also built a prototype thermostat to control my hot water, the aim was to be like a nest is for space heating, but for hot water generation. This used a raspberry PI, relays and 3 No. DS18B20 for this, It works really well, in theory saving us money and making it easy to see the status and temperature of the hot water at any time using a web interface (rather than wait for it to be cold!).

    I also built a HTTPC from an old laptop and broken DVD player. Not too much of an achievement there, but the crowning piece (that I was really please with) was modifying the webcam to fit into an original WII sensor bar! We did use it for Skype a lot until I got an Xbox one with Kinect.


    Why are you interested in hacking like Heck?

    3 Reasons:

    • People (that aren't already into electronics) are mystified by it, like it is a dark art. I like the idea of making if fun, approachable and understandable. I think the logic game had some great potential, maybe the next iteration will be the next monopoly (of course the Hex game is awesome too).
    • I like to make projects that push my limits and understanding, preferably trying something new that no one has attempted before, or at least putting a new spin on it. I think TBHS does this too, and I have enjoyed watching it, and it was interesting to hear Ben say he had improved his soldering skills. I would enjoy the opportunity to better myself, and come up with some fun projects.
    • Finally, I have learned a lot from watching TBHS, and other channels on YouTube. I have some skills and experience that may help other people, and if I can't share what I do know, what's the point! And it'll probably be entertaining for people to watch me get it wrong where I have knowledge gaps too!


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