Version 11




    All the contestants are building portable Raspberry Pis, but Clem's  project has to be different! MAYER MAKES revives his early FPS modding  roots and turns the classic DOOM into an immersive virtual reality  experience.



    • Raspberry pi 3 B
    • SD-Card with Raspian Stretch ( latest version), Noobs does not work for this project.
    • Arduino Pro micro x2pcs ( Arduino leonardo and Arduino micro will work too)
    • USB Cables x2pcs
    • Headphones 
    • Cheap FPV Headset ( Eachine VR-007 used in this video) with 5,8Ghz Receiver
    • 5,8Ghz Transmitter module (be aware of legal requirements to use RF modules in your region)
    • 5,8Ghz Helical Antenna Pair ( TX/RX)
    • MPU6050 Gyrometer/ Accelerometer Module
    • LiPo-battery (1s or 2s depending on your Power supply circuit)
    • 5A BEC or Powersupply circuit that delivers enough current @5V
    • external LiPo-battery charger
    • Switch ( for Power)
    • DIP4 push buttons x9pcs
    • Solid strand wire
    • Solder
    • Protoboard/Perfboard
    • Funky Foam
    • Velcro
    • 3d Printer
    • PLA-Filament in your favourite colour
    • Patience
    • The desire to play a 25 years old game in VR.