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    This video shows a walk through of the construction process, and a bit of showing it off of a portable Wii that's been soft and hard modded into a handheld system that boots to a custom interface that houses everything listed in the title and more. It involves software and hardware designing for it to become real and playable, so the video is FULL of information on how it's made, the steps I took, showing the system off, credited sources of help, and some funny tid bits to express my personality and how it would be like if I was on Ben Heck's Show. I focused on a bunch of aspects like play-ability (the controls, cause what's a portable if you can't play it?) It houses 4 controllers that can be switched for playing; and they are all for playing games the best way for the user. Another focus is the interface for a diverse library, making it easy to use, quick game booting, and all around stylish and completely beautiful art, icons, and originally composed music. The main idea of this system is an ALL in 1 that can not only run vast amounts of games from various systems, but you can PLAY them (hence the focus on mastering controls). I tried to cover everything I could in 18 minutes, Enjoy, Please like and share! and for more photos of the system and other info, check out this page with my audition video as well! Hack Like Heck: MilLs Dj


    "I wish to apologize for this negativity related to amount of appropriate credit given to sources for this project. There is no intention of claiming ideas that were not mine. Since this is my first portable Wii and it was a very new build for me, any phrases like "I found out" are suppose to be taken as "I learned". There are infinite amounts of ways to see things as discredited, after all, we are all modifying and making adaptions of existing technology (aka Team Twiizers made HomeBrew for the Wii, which is a Nintendo game system, and Nintendo didn't invent Videogames, Ralph Henry Baer did). Please, comment appropriately, and if there is nothing nice to say, don't say it. I'd rather see no posts than negative ones toward anyone. Thank you."


    This is my 1st of many portable Wii's.




    Watch the video, Its well detailed, but here are some other things I may have missed!



    • Holds built in movies, tv shows, music, games, and apps like Netflix, hulu, and internet.
    • 7 inch Raspberry Pi “touch” screen
    • WiFi
    • Bluetooth (Connects wiimotes and Bluetooth controllers)
    • Rechargeable
    • 3 Speakers
    • Complete Wii motion sensitivity
    • Battery life is ? Hours (last for at least 3, I havent timed this)
    • 5v Fan and heatsink for cooling
    • Painted 3D Printed Case
    • 2 USB ports Built in
    • 2 TeraByte Harddrive Built in
    • SD Card Built in
    • Gamecube Memory Card ( games saved on Harddrive too)
    • Internal Clock Custom menu for game selection
    • Menu music originally composed (chipmusic, by who else but MilLs Dj  )
    • 4 Controllers Built in!!!!
    • Screen/audio controls (not just your brightness and contrast controls)
    • Headphone jack
    • Low power indication ( controls start to glitch around, better save quick or plug in!)
    • Wii sensor bar built in
    • Hibernation mode
    • Control box put for 4 external players and tv output
    • Stylish curves
    • User manual for Software
    • User manual for Hardware (how to operate the buttons and things and stuff)


    Controllers/Controls on portable worth noting

    • Gamecube
    • Wiimote
    • Numchuck
    • Wii Classic controller pro




    • Reset Button
    • Wii Bluetooth Sync
    • Dual shoulder buttons
    • GameCube style joystick
    • 6 shoulder buttons (TRIGGERED)
    • 3ds slider
    • wii sensor bar

  can also attach or sync... keyboards, a mouse, usb, bluetooth controllers, usb controllers.


    Game systems that can be played on the portable!  ( amount of games )





    {tabbedtable} Tab LabelTab Content
    Page 1
    • Wii (686)
    • GameCube (321)
    • N64 (266)
    • Virtual Boy (30)
    • SNES (435)
    • NES (873)
    • Famicom (in NES)
    • PC engine (180)
    • Turbo graphx (in PC Engine)
    • Turbo duo (in PC Engine)
    • Vectrex (54)
    • Sega Cd (85)
    • Genesis (918)
    • 32x (In Genesis) Mega Drive (In Genesis)
    • Master System (351)
    • SG-1000 (91)
    Page 2
    • Atari 2600 (307)
    • 5200 (47)
    • 7800 (29)
    • XL (463)
    • ST (In XL)
    • 500 (In XL)
    • Gameboy Advance (907)
    • Gameboy color (538)
    • Original Gameboy (699)
    • Neo geo pocket (35)
    • Atari Lynx (91)
    • Wonderswan (23)
    • Gamegear (91)
    • Cavestory
    Page 3
    • Colecovision (91)
    • Creativision (14)
    • Intelvision (138)
    • Odyssey (42)
    • Odyssey 2 (In Odyssey)
    • MAME (84)
    • Retro Arch (large scattered amount)
    • Neo geo (285)
    • Neo geo CD (large scattered amount)
    • Capcom play system 1 (120)
    • Capcom play system 2 (224)
    • PlayStation 1 (12)
    Page 4
    • MSX (172)
    • MSX 2 (In MSX)
    • Sinclair zx spectrum (6226)
    • Commodore 64 (14554)
    • Tandy color Computer (75)
    • ScummVM Amstrad (33)
    • Amiga (443)
    • Apple 2 (1260)
    • Dragon 32 (2)
    • Vg 5000 (22)



    Music and Media is found on page 3 and a software user manual is found on page 4!


    (I know, if you add up the numbers it doesn’t equal 100,000. But there are minigames inside games, hacked versions of games made by fans and other groups, and Media is infinitely changing. Its more of an abstract thought to say 100,000 videogames becasue there is no definite number, but it is the closest amount I can relate to in the WiiSearch process)


    Movie Clip from Juggarnaut


    Songs used


    Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine 2 Player Vs. Mode theme

    Lil Uzi Vert - All My Friends Are Dead


    (my songs, 3 haven’t been released yet, but check out more songs by me here! )




    Facing the Wall in Bed

    Feelin’ Alive

    Like A Kid Again


    Any questions, ask me, I probably have the answers


    And follow me on Instagram!  mills_dj And facebook and youtube



    Thank you Element 14 community, I am new to this site and I would love your vote to carry on the legacy. With builds like such, I know I’d keep it more than interesting! (psst... plays a ton of atari generations too... )