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    For the Hack Like Heck challenge, I designed a portable emulator that you can easily change the controller. So, if you are playing a NES game, you can use a NES controller. Or if you are playing a SNES game, then you can use a SNES controller and so on.  At the heart of it is a Raspberry Pi Zero W that drives a 5”, 800x480 LCD screen with 18 of its GPIO pins.  Other features include a speaker and headphone jack, a safe power off button and a USB power out so you can charge your cell phone.


    The parts that I used for this project include:

    • Raspberry Pi Zero W
    • 32GB SD Card
    • 5" 800x480 Display TFT Display from eBay
    • Adafruit TFT Friend
    • Battery Pack
    • Class D Amplifier
    • B503 50K Ohm Wheel Potentiometer
    • USB Hub
    • SNES Controller
    • NES Controller
    • Male Micro-USB connector
    • Female Micro-USB connector
    • The Speaker was cut out of an old birthday card that sang a song when you opened it.
    • The Power Switch, Off Button, LED, Resistors and Headphone jack I had laying around from previous projects.


    You can find links to the parts that I used on my github page.


    I have put all the .stl files on my Thingiverse page.


    Thanks for this opportunity to meet the Ben Heck Show crew and I had a lot of fun creating this video.


    P.S. I just saw the 12-18 min requirement. I easily had that much footage, but I cut a lot of it out to save on length. Now I wish wouldn't have. Oh well... I still think that it is an entertaining video.