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    It doesn't take 1.21 Gigawatts to go into the Future anymore!!! Why wait for the next big portable console? You don't need VR to experience things never before seen! With just a few extra modifications to the flux capacitor, you won't even need a MR. Fusion... PRESENTING THE FUTUREBOY! The Most Advanced Gameboy to date! By taking alien tech from the year 2085 and disguising it in a commonly seen household game casing, you are no longer limited to small LCD's, or hooking up to a giant TV to view your games. With a push of a button The Futureboy shoots Hi-Tek Lazer LEDs right out of the game cartridge! Who knew it was THAT EASY!?!? With Nobble's One-of-a-Kind Futureboy you can project any game, on any surface, at any time! The whole case lights up like a UFO at night with the perfect universal number of 42 Neopixel RGB LEDs. Don't forget your towels! And if that's not enough, watch this video that explains it all! I hope I can get the support from the people of this site and the community of all makers, modders, hackers, DIY-enthuseists alike to help vote for my entry. I have had so much help and support thus far from the community, and my official sponsor Kitschbent LLC. It's been lots of fun! Good luck to everyone! It will sure be interesting competition from all of your projects! Anyways, thanks for checking out my build entry! I hope you enjoy what is to come of THE FUTURE (BOY)!!!




    Sponsor's Parts

    • Kitschbent LLC Custom DMG Case (CLEAR)
    • Kitschbent LLC Custom Silicone Sleeve
    • Kitschbent LLC Custom Silicone Gameboy Buttons
    • Kitschbent LLC Custom DMG+ Control Panel
    • Plus extra odd parts from his shop


    3D Printed Parts & STL Sources (Printed by RichardsonLabs 3D Printing Services)

    • Wermy's Gameboy Zero mounts and button wells
    • Markolomew's 3DS caps for PSP joysticks
    • Kubino's L1/L2,R1/R2 Bracket



    • KeDei 3.5" HDMI Touchscreen LCD 2016011800
    • Brookstone Keychain Projector 317994
    • FPV HDMI Cable Micro HDMI to Standard HDMI type A B06XRCHCDN
    • HDMI Switcher B07B5XBC8M


    Raspberry Pi/Arduino Parts



    • Speakers TRTV2906
    • Amplifier PAM8403
    • Switching Headphone Jack 35RAPC2BH3



    • INTERACT Shark MX Gameboy Cartridge GBMAIL
    • 3.7V 4000 mAh Li-Po Rechargeable Battery