Version 7




    For my project, I decided to build a Pi Zero-based portable with a little style! The Turtle Pi is an original 1989 Konami handheld that's been repurposed from its humble LCD game into a powerhouse of portable arcade entertainment featuring all of Konami's TMNT games!


    Mr. Heckendorn challenged me to build a handheld video game console, so I took a broken vintage LCD game, gutted it, and updated the internals with a new screen and custom circuit board all driven by a Raspberry Pi Zero W that celebrates a beloved 1980s media property as well as the ingenuity of toy and game designers of the era!


    This was my first element14 video, being for the “Hack Like Heck” competition, and the one that opened the door to this whole new exciting venture working with Ben, Karen, Felix, and the rest of the gang, so I felt obliged to include it here in a place of honor. If I had it to do over, I think that I would have packed the interior of the case a little better and utilized a printed circuit board rather than trying to hand-solder all of the controller wires. This was certainly a refresher course in supplier logistics as I had to make sure to source enough parts far enough in advance to have them—and try not to destroy them if I performed any modifications!/p>


    In addition to the Raspberry Pi, I have an Adafruit 2.2" TFT screen, 2000mAh LiPo battery with charging circuit, and a hand-wired, fully-functional control mechanism using the original parts.