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    The WaveRider is a fully featured Wii Portable, designed to be as comfortable to play as possible. With its never-before-seen software integration and no-expense-spared feature list, it's sure to turn a few heads this year at MGC. Follow ShockSlayer as he takes you on a journey through the advancement of the portablizing community, with the WaveRider as your final destination.





    • 1x OMEGA trimmed Wii motherboard
      • Fully featured, including the MX chip, Wifi module, BlueTooth module, etc.
    • 3x 3.7v 2500mAh Li-ion battery cells
    • 1x 800x480 LCD w/HDMI driver board
    • 1x GCVideo-DVI digital signal to HDMI converter board
    • 1x Prototype BGA-style NAND relocation board
    • 1x Prototype "PowerMii" regulator board
    • 1x Prototype "WiiHUD" audio amplifier
      • Prototype boards have too many individual components to list
    • 1x Power button circuit (D flip-flop w/debouncer)
    • 2x Speakers
    • 1x USB port
    • 4x 3D printed case parts
      • Screen assembly, bezel, back plate, and front extended
    • 1x Hand-made battery cover
    • 1x WaveBird controller
      • Gutted for the case, controller board cutouts, and supporting buttons and trigger assemblies
    • 1x Replacement mini rumble motor
    • 2x GC+ Controller replacement board
      • One of which has custom firmware for controlling RGB LEDs via custom controller protocols
    • 2x RGB LEDs
    • 1x Lasered acrylic cutout for the front logo
    • 1x 5v Sunon blower fan
    • 1x Custom copper heatsink w/soldered copper cutouts
    • 20+ Male/Female Headers of varying amounts of pins
    • 1x 3.5mm headphone jack
    • 1x Charging jack
    • 7x Tact switches
    • 8x Triwing Screws
    • 1x Pig of unknown purpose
    • Plus an incalculable amount of various wire types, kapton tape, thermal paste, paint/gloss, solder, and of course hot glue.