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    I used a Raspberry Pi Zero W, some open source knowledge and some of own to make GamerMan Ultra Classic.  Like to thank those who helped me with the video, in particularly my friend Trev for making the GamerMan Ultra Classic Splash/Logo.  I look forward to catching up on some much needed sleep!


    Parts and Materials

    • (1x) Bournes Inc. 3352W-1-103LFPOT 10K OHM THUMBWHEEL CERM ST
    • (16x) TE Connectivity 4-1437565-1
    • (1x) Pi Zero W
    • (1x) Microchip  MCP23017 16GPIO I2C
    • (1x) TI ADS1015 ADC I2C
    • 22x) Bourns CR0805-FX-1002GLF 10kOhm
    • (4x) Samsung CL32F106ZAHNNNE 10uF ceramic caps
    • (2x) Bourns CR0805-FX-1500ELF 150Ohm
    • (2x Yageo 270Ohm
    • (1x) Adafruit 245 2-Axis Joystick
    • (1x) Adafruit 1932 40-pin TFT Friend
    • (1x) Adafruit 1680 800x80 TFT Display without Touchscreen
    • (1x) Adafruit 2465 PowerBoost 1000c
    • (1x) Adafruit 328 Lithium Ion Polymer Battery 2500mAh
    • (1x) Adafruit 1712 Stereo 2.8W Class D Audio Amplifier
    • (1x) Adafruit 1829 USB DIY Connector
    • (1x) Adafruit 1446 Wire Wrap
    • (1x) 3.5mm headphone jack, ground switch
    • (2x) CUI CMS-28588N-L152 Speaker
    • (2x) Pieces of perf board
    • Some PLA plastic  2x4, 1 foot
    • 1/4” plywood with walnut finish
    • (19x) 4-40 pan head 1/4” machine screws
    • Some wire