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    This is the Hoenn Region National Pokedex I built. It features a Raspberry Pi 3 running Retropie, and is made to look as similar as possible to the Pokedex from Pokemon ORAS. It uses a 3ds joystick in place of the dpad in order to make it as realistic as possible.



    Bill of Materials used:


    • 1x 3.5" Composite TFT LCD
    • 1x PAM8803 Audio Amp
    • 2x 3ds speakers
    • 4x hard tact switches (6x6x10) for St/Sl, Vup, Vdown
    • 4x soft tact switches (ALPS) for A, B, L, R
    • 1x Raspberry Pi 3
    • 1x Rechargeable Phone Battery Bank (5v)
    • 1x power switch (SS12D00G4)
    • 1x set of GBA replacement buttons (green)
    • 1x 3ds slider joystick
    • 1x YOBO SNES USB controller
    • 1x comparator (LM339N)
    • 1x 12v step up converter for screen (not necessary)
    • 34 gauge magnet wire
    • 28 gauge magnet wire
    • IDE wire
    • 3d printer filament
    • Bondo Glazing and Spot Putty
    • Epoxy for plastic
    • Rustoleum paint for plastic (orange, black, white, blue, primer)
    • Screws (misc)