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    Sadly, I went through at least three N64 consoles, one mysteriously fried, and the other fried due to a power error. I admit that this was the hardest project I had ever worked on, probably because I am mostly self taught. This video encompasses over seventy - two hours of work, over seven weeks.


    I used:

    • a Sony PS1 screen
    • 4 18650 batteries
    • an N64
    • two N64 controllers
    • 1 100uF capacitor
    • 1 1.8K resistor
    • 1 Texas Instruments PTH08080 WAH converter
    • 1 expansion pack
    • 1 can of black spray paint
    • 1 particle board
    • 2 3d printed top plates
    • 18650 battery holders
    • two toggle switches
    • 14 tactile switches