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    Felix unboxes the Pi-Top.  The second version of the Pi-Top includes a lot of mini posters that weren’t part of the first release. Included are guide booklets, an inventor’s kit, a Raspberry Pi (optional), a box of accessories, and the power supply. There’s also a Pi Top pulse accessory which has also been included.  The guide booklets include a getting started guide and an inventor’s guide.



    The Pi-top is marketed as a kit for kids to learn about computing.   Felix goes into the box of accessories and finds s buttons, potentiometers, jumper cables, and a breakout board.  Felix compares the Pi-top with its previous iteration. He takes out the cooling bridge. It’s a heatsink but it also ports over the GPIO to a header located on the hub. He shows you how to plug the Raspberry Pi into the hub.  It’s going to supply power, and give you HDMI.  It also connects to the cooling bridge and the breakout board. Now that he’s shown you how easy it is to put together, he’s ready to take it apart.

    He starts with the hub and then precedes to voids the warranty by removing the ribbon cable and prying off the rails. After snapping off the parts, he admires the included battery bank.  Next, he takes apart the screen.  The screen pops out after he loosens the ribbon cable.  Some of the parts that he finds included in the hub are the ATtiny88, a multiplexer demultiplexer for the GPIO, and for video there is an HDMI to embedded Display Port converter.  For the battery there is a lithium-ion battery integrated circuit and a gas gauge. Felix admires the battery pack. On the Pi-top proto plus, Felix discovers an ATtiny20.