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    Let's face it, R.O.B. the Robot never worked quite right when you tried playing Gyromite on the NES. This Raspberry Pi Portable project aims to be the solution to that age-old problem. Thanks to the miracle of the Raspberry Pi, now we can give R.O.B. that second chance at being our player 2.  




    • Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+            (Qty: 1)
    • R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy)        (Qty: 1)
    • Retroflag NESPI Raspberry Pi Case        (Qty: 1)
    • NXP Electronics 4.3" 40-pin LCD Screen    (Qty: 1)
    • Adafruit TFP401 HDMI Decoder Board        (Qty: 1)
    • Samsung RX580 Laptop Hinge (Left)        (Qty: 1)
    • 16GB Micro SD Card with RetroPie OS        (Qty: 1)
    • Retrobit NES Style USB Controller        (Qty: 1)
    • Adafruit PowerBoost 1000C Charging Board    (Qty: 1)
    • Flat Cell Lithium Ion Battery (2500 Mah)    (Qty: 1)
    • Adafruit MAX98306 Stereo Amplifier Board    (Qty: 1)
    • Nintendo DS Lite Stereo Speaker        (Qty: 2)
    • Micro USB Type A Cable (1ft.)            (Qty: 1)
    • HDMI Flat Male-Male Cable (1ft.)        (Qty: 1)
    • #4x1/2"L Machine Screw with Hex Nut        (Qty: 3)
    • #1x1/8"L Machine Screw            (Qty: 4)
    • #2x3/16"L Wood Screw                (Qty: 2)
    • 12"L Female-Female Dupont Jumper Cable    (Qty: 1)
    • 20"L IDE Ribbon Cable                (Qty: 1)
    • Custom Designed LCD Enclosure (3D Print)    (Qty: 1)