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    The pi-top OS is great for learning to code using Python, discover Scratch, or to have fun while interacting with electronics.    It also comes with some really great kits.   In this segment, Felix boots into the Pi-top OS and goes through initial setup. After selecting his preferences he goes over the tour of the desktop. He also introduces you to the pi-topCODER, a learning tutorial on how to interface with the GPIO using Python.



    Felix opens up the terminal to learn more about the OS.  The pi-top runs a modified version of Raspbian called Polaris.   The Polaris OS is basically the same as Raspbian except that it’s been modified to accommodate the additional hardware and include the pi-top dashboard.   You can get anything you want from the dashboard through the menus.  Felix goes over the programming menu option which supports several coding environments for Python, Java, Scratch, and Sonic Pi.  He walks through some of the other menu options such as what’s included with Office, Games, and Settings. He returns to the desktop and demonstrates how you would use the built in pi-top coder to create a circuit using a breadboard.