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    Pi Chef Design Challenge: Winners Announcement   


    After 11+ weeks of design, research, prototyping, coding and testing the final submission date for Pi Chef Design Challenge as passed.

    Tools, Whisks, Scales and Spatulas down!


    The judges have tallied their thoughts and feedback until our original 15 sponsored challengers have been whittled down to Grand Prize, Runner Up Prize, 3rd Prize and Finishers.

    We are very pleased to congratulate all the Winners of the Pi Chef Design Challenge with the Raspberry Pi


    The Winners:


    Grand Prize - Smart Range Hood

    James O Gorman - Project Summary





    Our grand prize winner James built a truly smart 40" range hood.

    Including custom sheet metal, 3D printed enclosures, thermal imaging courtesy of the Panasonic Grid Eye, custom PCBs for the custom sensor array enclosure to protect the electronics.

    On top of the hardware was a interactive app with control of the fans and a touchscreen display on the range hood for interacting with the hood and featuring the, ever popular, "Summon Husband" button. the judges were impressed with the array of skills James exhibited from design, coding, NodeRed, Fabrication, 3D printing, PCB Design.  James documents his fails as well as victories and gave us an amazing insight into the design and build process.


    Judges Feedback:


    James has accomplished some of the highest quality blogs and one of the most functional designs we have ever seen in Design Challenges.

    - Judges


    The balanced set of skills required for this project was impressive even before realizing James became a Father during this process.

    - Judges


    Grand Prize Includes:

    • Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine*
    • $1500 USD Newark element14/Premier Farnell Cart
    • Finisher Prize Bundle

    *Or local equivalent



    Runner Up - The Cooker Connector

    Jonathan Schooler - Project Summary





    Jonathan Schooler scoops up the silver medal with his modular IoT smoker, "the Cooker Connector"


    Jonathan uses AndroidThings running on Raspberry Pi, a servo and his own PCB Raspberry Pi Hat to connect to multiple temperature probes.

    Sketches of ways to control the vents with a servo

    The user interface runs on a mobile app allowing you to be notified when your meal is up to temperature or warning you that things are getting too hot and that you should close the air vents.

    Similarly to James, the judges were blown away by the multiple disciplines needed to accomplish this build, from Android app

    development, or the PCB design, right the way to the hands on mechanical skills in creating the control wires.


    Jonathan also experienced an issue which caused him to change direction on his build. The Judges were very impressed with how he handled it and his blog post exploring his options.


    Judges were especially blown away by Jonathan talking through his process of calibrating the off the shelf thermistors for custom projects.


    Judges Feedback:

    Jonathan penned some very high quality blogs and videos even "showing his math" in his Thermistor Calibration post.

    - Judges

    An all round great project with high quality mechanical, electronic, and code assets to accompany a well written, informative set of blog.

    Such a useful product, with great care and attention put into it. For example, adding D-Ring clips to the pulley system for easy removal showed great through

    - Judges


    Runner Up Prize Includes:

    • Whynter Ice-Cream Maker*
    • $750 USD Newark element14/Premier Farnell Cart
    • Finisher Prize Bundle

    *Or local equivalent



    Third Prize - Bake Mate

    Avner Fernandes - Project Summary












    Avner takes 3rd place with his smart scales,"Bake Mate".


    Using the Raspberry Pi, sense hat, touch screen, strain gauge, to create a set of smart scales that store recipes and guide you through weighing out the ingredients.

    Over the process Avner posted all of his code, his plans, his wiring diagrams and everything you would need to replicate his project.

    Judges were blown away by how Avner laid out his goals and beat them every single week, then successfully beating his higher stretch goals.


    Although the electronics of the project were not in a case or particularity finished looking, the quality of blogs, code and a working GUI really pulled this project over the finish line.


    Judges Feedback

    Avner completely ran past the finish line and did a few more laps.

    - Judges

    The creation of a touch screen Graphical User Interface was an interesting blog to follow.

    - Judges

    This is such a simple idea which was well executed, the final look of the project held it back from a higher position but it deserves its podium spot.

    - Judges

    Third Prize Includes:

    • Breville Tea Maker*
    • $500 USD Newark element14/Premier Farnell Cart

    *Or local equivalent



    Not everyone can win the grand prize but everyone who've reached the finish line is a winner in their own way. Anyone who adhered to the terms and conditions, used the Raspberry Pi and posted more than 10 progress blogs receives a finishers' prize pack. This also includes all winners and any non-sponsored challengers that have completed the challenge.


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