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    Design for a Cause – Design Challenge
    The Assistive Technology Challenge

    To celebrate the launch of The element14 Community “Design for a Cause” campaign and Arduino Day,
    we are pleased to introduce the ‘Design for a Cause’ Design Challenge with The Arduino MRK1000.


    In this new Design Challenge, Challengers are invited to use the Arduino MKR1000 to create a piece of assistive technology for individuals living with physical or mental impairments.


    We have created guide character bios with real individuals in mind but their identities changed to preserve privacy. 

    Challengers can take inspiration from these characters or others in their own lives if they wish.

    Challengers are to consider how best to improve the lives people living with limitations using the Arduino MKR1000.

    As part of this Design Challenge, Challengers are invited to make their code and methods Open Source so others around them can build



    Example applications could include:

    • OpenSource Electric Wheelchair Conversion kit
    • Smart Prosthetics
    • Sense Replacement System
    • Safer cooking options for people with sight impairments
    • Mobility Aids
    • Dexterity Aids
    • Help with household appliances
    • Proximity Detecting Canes
    • Communication devices


    15 Challengers will get the following kit free of charge.


    Arduino MKR1000 IoT Dev Kit

    Development Kit, Including Arduino MKR1000 IoT Bundle, Components Kit

    Arduino MKR SD Card and Proto Shield




    Daughter Board, SD Card Shield for Arduino MKR range, Prototyping Area

    Arduino MKR1000 to UNO Shield Converter




    Adapter Board, Arduino MKR1000 And UNO Shield Interface


    Applications and Design Challenge Space open 23rd of May.