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    Please Note: This process is irreversible. Once your account is made anonymous, you will no longer be able to log into your account, manage your content, and all references to the original author will be removed (instead, the username will be rendered as Anonymous-###). This cannot be undone.


    Q: How do I make my account/content anonymous?


    A: Click on your name as it appears on the top right corner of the page, this will produce a drop down menu, select "Edit Profile + Privacy":


    Click the "Anonymise Account" tab shown below:



    Please read the disclaimer carefully. Again, once your account is rendered anonymous, it cannot be undone. To make your account anonymous, select "Request Account Anonymisation"




    Send Message to Community Support. This will alert the element14 community team to your request. Please note, that unless specified we will not be contacting you once your account is rendered anonymous. Please include contact information if you wish for us to do so, as your email address will be removed as part of this process.




    If you are still having trouble or have another question you can visit our FAQ List, or leave us a message in the  Feedback & Support Section.