Version 7


    BBC micro:bit


    As the exclusive manufacturer of the BBC micro:bit, Farnell element14 has access to a wide variety of kits and accessories, designed to expand the possibilities of what can be achieved using the micro:bit and provide a richer, more engaging learning experience for students.


    With new micro:bit accessories hitting the market all the time, we're looking for classroom teachers and STEM ambassadors to road test some of these products and provide detailed feedback on their effectiveness and usability. Successful applicants will be provided with a selection of micro:bit-related products, free of charge, on the understanding that you will contribute a thorough 'Road Test Review' documenting your experiences with the product and how you applied it to your classroom teaching.


    Once you have completed your review, the products are yours to keep. Applications will be screened by the element14 team and selected according to product availability and relevant experience of the applicant. You can apply for as many road test reviews as you like, and with the popularity of the micro:bit popularity growing all the time, there's no shortage of exciting project and development kits for you and your pupils to try out!


    If you'd like to be considered for micro:bit road test reviews, please leave a comment under this post detailing your experience as a teacher or STEM ambassador, or send an email to