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    Last year we launched our successful ebook  Essential Tips for Makers Series 1 full of #MakerTips from our amazing Community, Top members, Friends of the community and element14's The Ben Heck Show.


    .....I think its time for Series 2!


    From this week we will be posting all our best #MakerTips on social media using the Hashtag #MakerTips and then compiling them all into a free to download new ebook.


    Post your best #MakerTips below


    Our top #MakerTips from Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone and Ben Heck:


    “Learn to walk before you run”

    Ben Heck, element14 presents Ben Heck Show


    If you’re just starting out with making, don’t dive into overly complicated projects right off the bat. It’s easy to become mired down and give up when faced with an overwhelming task. It’s better to start with smaller projects that are easier to complete. They might not be as cool (or as useful) but the satisfaction you’ll achieve with their success will give you the confidence and building blocks of knowledge to move onto bigger things.

    “Don’t pigeonhole your ideas… just make them!”

    Ben Heck, element14 presents Ben Heck Show


    Don’t get too hung up on “how cool” your project must look or the aesthetics. The most important thing for it to do is work, everything else comes later. If you pigeonhole yourself into a size, shape or design you might be hampering the creative potential of the project itself, not giving it room to breathe or change. A crummy looking functional prototype is much better than a fancy looking inactive piece. Never be afraid to throw out a bad idea and start over

    “Build on the shoulders of giants”

    Jason Kridner, Founder at BeagleBoard


    Foundation Borrow from those before you, as I’ve borrowed from Isaac Newton in my quote. With infinite possibilities in what you can make, take the time to examine those who’ve given you inspiration–and who inspired them. Simply reproducing the experiments of the past can provide skills, answers and critical questions to guide you further. Go beyond copy-and-paste to understand the tools you are already using.

    “Build your own Maker Kit”

    Carrie Anne Philbin, Director of Education at Raspberry Pi


    Having a “Maker Kit” with the most commonly used electronic components, breadboards, cables and tools on standby can help to streamline any design and build process. When inspiration hits you want to be able to begin prototyping straight away. Make sure you have equipment notepad for notes and you have a mobile maker kit that you can use at home, work or while visiting other workshops.


    The Series 1 ebook is still available for free below.


    Essential Tips for Makers Series 1

    In our new series, we have gathered the best Maker Tips from across the Community. This book includes practical tips for everything from building your workshop, developing your ideas and improving soldering technique. We have rounded up top tips from Ben Heck, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and many more.

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