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    You can do a lot in nine years...

    Another year, another day, and… another element14 birthday! And today, the element14 community turns nine years old. Happy Birthday, element14!


    There’s a lot you can accomplish by the time your nine years old (though we're still the best thing to ever happen to June 14th...). You could become a Microsoft Certified Professional, be nominated for an Academy Award, or even start college, And yes, while most of us are were probably attending elementary/primary school when we were nine years old, we can still celebrate everything the element14 has accomplished this year. Project14 celebrated its first birthday, we helped introduce a new model of the Raspberry Pi, we hosted our very own Maker Film Festival... but of course you already know all of this.


    ... Right?


    Well let's find out. Below you'll find a short test of sorts concerning some of the projects, content, and achievements the element14 community accomplished since our last birthday. And yes, we realize that a pop-quiz isn't much of a birthday present, so we'll throw in a reward: Members who score 100% on this 'quiz' will receive the element14 9th Birthday Badge, which only be available from now until July 5th, 2018. But wait, there's more! In addition to the Birthday Badge, we'll also be sending out some element14 themed swag to random members who've earned this badge. Take the quiz, earn the badge, and maybe you'll receive something a little extra in your mailbox (your real life one, that is).


    So here's to you, element14! And of course, to all our members who have made the last nine years possible. We wouldn't be here without you, and we're looking forward to many more years together. With next year being our 10th Birthday, we hope to plan something extra special...


    Celebrate Your Knowledge


    Or as we like to say with our Essentials courses, it's time to test your knowledge! While we've already celebrated our 2017 Member Awards back in January, below are questions regarding some other community highlights that are worth knowing about. While we're sure many of you may already know about the Design Challenges we held, the Webinars we hosted, and the Projects we built, consider this a little refresher (and a chance to win some extra points and swag!)


    As a reminder, the 9th Birthday Badge will only be available until July 5th, 2018. Those who earn the badge will also be eligible to receive some free element14 swag (how many TBD - I may have to bribe danzima to help with shipping...)


    1) Who won the Pi Chef Design Challenge?


    2) Which ‘member milestone’ did the element14 community pass last year?


    3) The Project14 Holiday Special Celebrated...


    4) Who took home the "Grand Prize" in our Maker Film Festival?

    Karen Corbeill
    Felix Gardner
    Matthew Eargle
    Clemens Mayer
    Tommy Wiseau


    5) Who was our 2017 Member of the Year?


    6) Which new model of Raspberry Pi was released?


    7) Ben Heck (finally!) finished his portable version of which gaming console?


    8) Our on-going BeagleBone Webinar Series is joined by...


    9) Which Essentials Learning Modules did we release within the last year?


    10) The element14 community is the best community.


    Alas, you didn't quite meet the grade. You only got %. Have another look through the course, and try again.
    You nailed it, and scored %!