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    Tony Marino

    Hi! I'm Tony Marino. I always had the electronics bug growing up, being one of those kids who would take apart his toys under the excuse of "seeing how they worked". Stumbling upon Ben Heck's original portable projects sometime around 2002, I was immediately inspired to learn more and became a dedicated enthusiast ever since. It wasn't until much later when I would finally get started with my own projects, however—working full-time as a sound designer and occasional composer for the game industry, I stumbled my way in to the local chip tune scene of Los Angeles where I would begin building custom GameBoys for myself and others to assist in the creation of such music. These units would often have more robust functionality and cooler aesthetics than your average stock unit -- all appealing things for people wanting to use them as show pieces! While today many of my own projects still lie within the realms of gaming and/or sound, I am interesting in exploring a variety of different projects which I hope you'll join me for in the future!


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